Water Boarding by Bragadeesh Prasanna

This is the first book of Mr. Bragadeesh Prasanna that I am reading though have read few of his good short stories before. There are many things to be liked in this book. First is the detailing of the character Ved Vignesh. No clear past, uncertain future all he has is present and how  he … Continue reading Water Boarding by Bragadeesh Prasanna


அக்கினி குஞ்சு to அக்னிச் சிறகுகள்

To start with, Thank God! Thanks a lot to the unknown person who requested on Sarahah to write about People's president. Thanks a lot for the motivation.  Would be happy if I come to know who that was because his autobiography was left untouched for months together. For the fact years together. Finally the book … Continue reading அக்கினி குஞ்சு to அக்னிச் சிறகுகள்

Shri Brahmapureshwarar Temple, Thenambakkam

One of the most serene temples near Chennai. From Tambaram, Padappai route to Kanchipuram, easy to reach Thenambakkam. From ‘Toll Booth’ stop near Kanchipuram can reach the temple in an auto. Bit longer distance to walk all the way to temple from this toll booth. But the entire route to temple, after Padappai is all … Continue reading Shri Brahmapureshwarar Temple, Thenambakkam