Em Magan – The emotional family drama

This movie was released in the year 2006. Written and directed by ‘Metti Oli‘ pugazh director Thirumurugan. He is a director who captures raw emotions. ‘Metti Oli’ serial is an example where he showed all possible emotions through all his characters well. This movie doesn’t have any less emotions on screen. Music by Vidhyasagar. Staring Bharath, Gopika, Nassar, Saranya Ponvannan, Vadivelu.

The most striking aspect of the movie is there is no hero or heroine tag that can be spotted in the movie. The plot has all characters and supporting characters all on place. The movie speaks loudly on handling emotions. If correct, this movie changed its title to Em Magan from Emden Magan to avail tax benefits. Emden was a light cruiser built for the imperial Germany Navy and the captain of Emden was responsible for bombardment of Madras during first world war. Few oil tanks were torched when British taught Madras can’t be touched, oil tanks exploded here to their disbelief.

Nassar keeps exploding throughout the movie. He never keeps check of his anger and fails to connect with himself and doesn’t act or react from the point of empathy. He works hard, harder, hardest for his family but sharp tongued enough to hurt others. Nassar would have lived in the character. One can’t tell it’s acting, it’s so realistic on screen.
Saranya Ponvannan one of the best character artists. She is the best mother that Kollywood has got. In the movie Ram as a single mother and in this movie a submissive wife. But the way she handles tough emotional outbursts of her husband with a touch of humour speaks about her skilled acting. That scene in ‘Kundrakudi Adivaaram’ deserves a standing ovation but one can’t because will be rolling over the floor and laughing.
Bharath as a good son who yearns for his father’s love and affection but forced to face his outrage every single time. He makes sure that he doesn’t pick his father’s character. From his father he exactly learns how not to treat his wife and children. The dialogue in climax tells his maturity level and positive emotional lessons from his childhood and adulthood despite awkward situations. Gopika comes from interval and a playful pair. ‘GoliGundu Kannu’ song shows it. Bharath as a good son and lovable husband puts up a good show on screen.

The movie has many comedy scenes. Grandfather in death bed but family in the verge of losing the patience in taking care of him. This seem inhuman but the director has carefully threaded in a way that it doesn’t influence much and masks behind emotions and comedy. And this man steals the show in all frames that he is in. Vaigai Puyal Vadivelu. He is one character in the movie who keeps unloading his emotional baggage, hurt inflicted by Nassar then and there with a sound sense of humour. A sensible role and awesome performance by Vadivelu. While there is no specific hero tag in the movie, Vadivelu can be termed as real hero in the movie.

In short the movie captures raw emotions and navigates through all of them and teaches what to do and what not to do and how to act from the point of love and react from the point of empathy rather being sharp tongued with all, all the time.


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