Travel: Western Ghats Diaries

Posts under the category “Western Ghats Diaries” is about Picturesque locations, Spiritual places, few national parks in this region of India. May not be end to end factual. Some analogies, Some mythological, Some soulful experiences that this beautiful place on this earth has been giving for centuries.

If is really interesting can be taken as Travelogue. If boring, a scrapbook. If anyone finds it useful; A big thanks. If the information given here is wrong, please leave your comments to provide more accurate information regarding a place. Same if one wants to add information, kindly leave a comment. Might be useful for anyone visiting this beautiful place. Thank you! 

Western Ghats Diaries

For most of us the first experience with ‘Western Ghats’ dates to 3rd or 4th standard social studies book; the chapter that speaks about various regions of the Indian Subcontinent. Western Ghats is also known as ‘Sahyadri’, as per Wiki, means Benevolent mountains. It runs along the western coast of India. For people in Deccan region it is that mountain range that stops the south West monsoon winds, coming to Deccan plateau. While Eastern ghats is intruded by too many rivers to be cut and scattered across the plateau; western Ghats is continuous with just two major gaps. 

1. Goa gap between Maharashtra and Karnataka 

2. Palghat in Tamil nadu and Kerala border

Northern narrow part is called Konkan, Central region is called Kanara and southern part is called Malabar. 

Western Ghats is rich in natural vegetation as we all know. Fauna and Flora are present in abundance. With 12th standard botany and zoology it is difficult to identify the species of dwellers. It can help to identify the ‘Common names’ like plants, animals, birds, insects precisely the class, phylum of the species. But the ‘proper name’ is difficult to decipher. Never mind when eyes are lost, just in enjoying the beauty of nature! 

For ecologists one of the best places in this world to do extensive research on various dwellers of nature. And of course for Photographers! Even one with few Megapixel camera, one is likely to feel like one owning a DSLR and a FB page for nature photography. The kind of effect that western Ghats’ picturesque locations leave in mind is beyond description in words or in a picture. It is an ineffable bliss to be experienced!

So what does Western Ghats do? 

It makes anyone whole heartedly bow in gratitude to the mother nature for such a place. The gratitude journal will be bulged with too many ‘thank you’ notes. The thank you list seems endless. Starting from the senses in body that aide to enjoy the rich nature, the strenuous work done by people to lay roads, to give electricity connection, additional bonus is 4G network for instant check in status or a FB live video of a picturesque location, cosy place to stay and of course good water and food. 

As one travels across or through this range of mountains one can witness and realize the miracles of nature. Western Ghats has many rivers, falls, peaks, national parks, wild life sanctuaries, fitting into the travel checklist of any person. Western Ghats stays beyond the expectations of any enthusiast; be it a nature lover, photographer, environmental activist, one looking for spiritual growth, history, archeology, love birds, cinema shooting spots and what not! 

But all who step in this range is guaranteed to feel motionless and still! 

Western Ghats you bountiful! You Beauty!

: Wikipedia


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