​Anegudde, Kumbhasi, Udupi district

Travel: Western Ghats Diaries: 1

Posts under the category “Western Ghats Diaries” is about Picturesque locations, Spiritual places, few natural parks in this region of India. May not be end to end factual. Some analogies, Some mythological, Some soulful experiences that this beautiful place on this earth has been giving for decades.

If is really interesting can be taken as Travelogue. If boring, a scrap book. If anyone finds it useful; A big thanks. If the information given here is wrong, please leave your comments to provide more accurate information regarding a place. Same if one wants to add information, kindly leave a comment. Might be useful for anyone visiting this beautiful place. Thank you!

Anegudde, Kumbhasi, Udupi district

Travel and Travelogues are famous from time immemorial. Even in Valmiki Ramayana descriptions about all caves and mountains in the country comes from the character ‘Sugriva‘. He had been constantly chased out of his residing place by his brother Vali when ever his brother voluntarily confronted him.

Every single time after the attack he finds some another cave and resides there till the next attack. Finally he found ‘Rishyamuka parvatha’ and as Vali was cursed that, if he enters the place he will die, Vali stayed at a distance. Sugriva was spared.

When Rama was searching Sita, Sugriva describes every cave he had stayed and says that Sita isn’t residing in India. So travelogues play a significant role in locating historical places and give a rough idea about a place so that people don’t miss any important spot while visiting.

To start with Lord Vinayaka. “Nirvighnam Kuru Me Deva Sarva-Kaaryessu Sarvadaa“. Mythology tells that the great sage Gouthama had his hermitage at Kumbhasi and many sages like Agasthya did tapas here. There are two temples. At foot: Temple of Maha Lingeshwara, Gouthama theertham. At top: Sri Vinayaka temple.

Lord Vinayaka chose Gouthama’s hermitage as a suitable place for Mother Ganga to reside in south and bless people as wished by Universal Mother Parvathi. In series of events that followed Lord Vinayaka created an illusion of cow and a young novice and the cow died in his hermitage which left the Saint deeply disturbed. Gouthama prayed to Lord Shiva for Mother Ganga to reside in his Kamandalu and bring back cow’s life. Lord Shiva blessed the saint.

A kumbha shaped well is still present in Maha Lingeshwara temple which is believed to be Saint Gouthama’s Kamandalu and it’s water is blessed with the presence of river Ganga and is still used for Lord Vinayaka’s Abhishekam.

The place has close association with Dwapara yuga when Pandavas was in exile. There was a demon Kumbha tormenting sages residing in Gouthama’s hermitage, intoxicated by the boons from lord. Saint Gouthama appealed to Yudhisthira and he sent Bhima to confront Kumbha. He was Powerful and strengthened by acquired divine boons.

After long battle Bhima heard a voice from heaven that he would be killed only by an Asi from Lord Vinayaka. Bhima meditated to the lord and an elephant appeared before him and blessed with an Asi, with which he destroyed the demon Kumbha. Hence the place is Kumbhasi.

The hill in which Lord Vinayaka appeared as elephant, earlier known as Nagachala and later is known as Gajagiri in Sanskrit; Gaja – elephant and in Kannada called ‘Anegudde‘. The Vinayaka temple was constructed some 150 years back by Vishveshwara Upadhyaya. By divine orders he found Vinayaka in a rock and the main idol is untouched by hammer and chisel.

The place is 26 kms from Udupi and 5 kms from Kundapura on NH 17. One can either go to top to Vinayaka temple in vehicles or can take steps from Maha Lingeshwara temple. An arch welcomes people while entering by car or van directly to Sri Vinayaka temple.

The two most striking aspects of temples in and around western Ghats is, all temples are in some jaw dropping picturesque locations and the good food provided to devotees irrespective of caste, creed and sex. This temple is no exception and Vinayaka is called ‘Sarva Siddhi Pradhayaka’ and people go home satisfied, with a feeling that their prayers are listened.


Sri Vinayaka temple, Anegudde, Kumbhasi;

Book written by N.Prabakar Acharya, design by K.P.Rao. Published by K.Suryanarayana Upadhyaya on behalf of Anegudde Sri Vinayaka temple, Kumbhasi.


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