Vikram Vedha

Finally, Vikram Vedha. A very late post from the release of the movie but still an experience to be shared. Was released on July 21st 2017 staring R.Madhavan and Vijay Sethupathi in lead roles. Written and directed by Pushkar – Gayathri and Manikandan with an awesome screen play. This is one movie which will stand for the extensive story telling art. One would love it frame by frame and can’t take eyes away from Vikram and Vedha. The directors have made sure that the movie has to be gripping from start to end.

R.Madhavan, a smart, honest cop, for whom it is either black or white with no grey areas. Hair gel applied hair style with stylish beard where grey hairs are spotted here and there. Neat clothing for the entire police crew. Especially the themed Kakki pant and the half white shirt that the team wears after Simon’s death. Madhavan as Vikram is sure a treat to watch on screen. The way he realizes that Veda’s brother is innocent and when the collapse of his belief system of not being wrong in encounters, the related expressions, the way he calls ‘Vedha Sir’ speak it all about his character strength. So is when he finds the truth about his team, working on the ‘Operation Hammer’. Measured but much needed expression on his face while handling each scenario. Be it romance. Be it anger. Be it guilt or any sentiment. That priceless expression when he received the much needed spare part for Royal Enfield bike tells about the little beautiful things that make and matter for an individual.

Sharaddha Srinath as Priya. Real life Lawyer turned actress. As a couple Vikram and Priya is alluring. The relationship between the two is beautifully captured. Lawyer and Police handling the same case but taking opposite stands are like Developer and tester couple working in the same project and raising issue against each other. But absolutely not sure whether they would work on their relationship to maintain peace and spark in the relationship just like Vikaram and Priya. Stepping out of the house to speak work related issues is touch wood though might seem silly but need of the current generation. A breezy duet for the couple, ‘Yanji Yanji’ is an awesome rendition by Anirudh Ravichandar and Sakthishree Gopalan. The expression of fights is as lovely as their love. Probably one of the equal relationships ever seen in the recent past. Not to forget about her sarees. She looks beautiful in sarees, Palazzo with limited make up just for eyes and wish a catalogue be released for the Kalamkari Sarees in which she comes around throughout. Awesome prints and designs those are.

Vijay Sethupathi as Vedha. Vijay Sethupathi doesn’t act in movies. He simply doesn’t exist in a movie he lives frame by frame. He is seriously a devil in details. He comes in a rugged look with salt and pepper hair style. Cool in jeans and super cool in Vaeshti. He is the villain, has knife and guns, a criminal by script still one wouldn’t dare to call him so. Veda is full of beautiful emotions. Say, yester generation people do say ‘Nadigar Thilagam’ wouldn’t cover his face while crying and bring raw emotions on screen. But not sure how many of the current generation would cry with him. May be or may not be. (Spare me, just a small comparison on emotions on screen and not on the acting as the eras are different and each individual is unique.) Vedha breaks down majestically in front of Priya on his brother’s death just like that. Vulnerability showcased at his best. Not just crying, be it when he brings out laughter while wearing the glasses for the first time and the reason he wants to wear that; and while handing over Chetta’s money in style to his member. Small piece still ROFL. So is the grace in mentioning the ‘Parotta eating’ details. If acting is a course Vijay Sethupathy is beyond description on being encyclopedia of it. When said in mother tongue few have greater impact. “Vijay Sethupathi, nee vaazhraya padathula.”

The entire crew is well chosen be it the same constable from Kakki Sattai movie, the KO editor, Krish here as SP, Mr. Achyuth Kumar; Vijaya Lakshmi, Prem, Vignesh, etc. and all has given their best. One could find that each dialogue uttered isn’t a waste. They were measured, delivered and completely connected to each other, from each person. Brilliant and extensive script it is!

So what? In Facebook some posts come around frequently. Say this one, some have best friends at each stage of life and few people have the same friend at all stages of life. Vikram Vedha is one of a kind. How? In childhood Vikram Bethal stories through books and DD National; in adolescence the one serial that was aired in Sun Tv and now the movie Vikram Vedha. Of all the contemporary/ neo noir movie made it all with a BGM from Sam C.S. that will keep ringing in head even after coming out from theaters.

Vikram Vedha, the movie can be labeled as Magnum opus of Storytelling. Flash back sonna ipidi sollanum. Brilliant one Pushkar and Gayathri. The movie deserves a standing ovation. Class art!



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