Shri Krishna

Dear Krishna, 
I am one among all who tried, tries to understand you. But failed, failing miserably. You seem distant residing somewhere unreachable. Can call you ineffable. Have heard people saying that if one chants your name there will be no sufferings. Have even read about it Krishna. But in reality it seem to increase when one starts meditating on you. You are so confusing. Always. But there is something mesmerising about you. 

How many people for generations after generations have sung about you?? The list is endless. Meera bai has sung many songs which makes one cry even today. Maha Kavi has surrendered the consequences of his actions to you and waited for your orders. He counted blessings as you ‘Nandhalala’. Just could feel but couldn’t put in action always.

While I had been complaining I have so many problems, Rajaji sings there isn’t any problem at all; ‘Kurai Ondrum illa’ he claims. Not only many girls, even guys wanted to marry you. You were a real mayavi. ‘Othukadu Venkata Kavi’ wrote Kamakshi Nava Varnam, first person to write Nava Varnam just to marry you. So many Alwars have sung your praise. To describe Sri Andal’s love for you there are no words in this world.  

Still my worries didn’t seem to be heard. Ashok K Banker had written 8 books just about you and your stand and it is mesmerizing. While reading ‘How you ate Curd, licking all vessels just to make sure that you don’t leave any traces on vessels that it is being licked. You simply wanted uniform circumference of curd on the vessel to be maintained.’ It does give succour. One could feel peace setting in slowly and steadily. But problems are still there around. 

As one gets to read more about you, one can feel you are not to be understood but loved, the eternal companion! Problems are still there. Always there. But what you do?? Why people had been telling about you?? Because you are the succour! You are the enteral companion! You are the one who understands! To be precise you give the power to withstand adverse situations. You are just like ‘All is well’. 

Still, I absolutely don’t understand you even a bit but you bring peace. Give acceptance and to that I bow down to you! Happy birthday Krishna! Stay with us always! Now and ever! 

With Love,

A dweller in this universe

Thank You!

“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” – William Arthur Ward.


For the past one year say from July 2nd 2016 to till date, many ups and downs and despite few falls absolutely blessed by the almighty to cherish his abundant blessings.

Somewhere from lonely, vetti and an urge to spend time in a healthy manner to making alone time purposely, hobby can transform a person. Office magazine co-editor, 2 workshops in Chennai writers club, part of Chennai writers club contest, 6 short stories – few okay, few bad, 50 posts on wordpress. Thanks is a small word dear God for all opportunities and the encouragement from friends and well wishers.

Thank you so much!

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Thank you!

The Smeared Lipstick

The movie ‘Arunachalam’ was released in the year 1997. One of the good movies of Sundar C. and certainly a ‘good vibes’ movie in Crazy mohan dialogues and good acting by the crew. And Wiki says it is based on the English movie Brewster’s Millions. No idea about the English one but in Tamil it is really an enjoyable one and can watch with family. This movie has a close association with Lipstick.

The romance in the movie starts with Lipstick. Thalaivar skates over the spilled oil and fall over Soundarya, just an aesthetically short mutha happens and lipstick is smeared. Truly, thinking about the movie, remembered only Ramba’s entry scene, losing her hand bag, where she comes in a grey coloured dress with intensely applied lipstick and throughout the movie it continues and attains a peak value in ‘Alli Alli Anarkali’ song; that dark, intense maroon and violet shades steal the show.

Back in early 90s, cosmetic companies made their entry in our country. There are few accusations that Aishwarya Rai and Sushmita Sen winning Miss World and Miss Universe pageants respectively in the same year have much to do with cosmetic companies’ strategies. Off all endorsements and movies only this stands out even beyond this ‘Alli Alli Anarkali‘ is ‘I I like you‘ song from the movie ‘Citizen’.

All one can remember in the movie is lipstick shades of Vasundhara Das which even masked the sumar overly emotional performance of Ajith. Seems someone would have said Vasundhara Das what Appa Vedathachalam tells Son Arunachalam but for lipstick and seems she had won the challenge hence was handed over all stocks. Back then not many people had make up kit. But it is intriguing to watch bridal face make up and look at the kit for the first time. It is as intriguing as to see a Parotta master making perfect layered parottas from dough.

When the stylist is big hearted enough to apply lip stick on the lips of the little girls standing around the bride she tells “Don’t rub it off”. In the rest of the marriage function, all little girls don’t know how to react. All that the girls concentrate on is not to get the lipstick smeared or come out of the lip line. Not knowing what to do, they keep the mouth partly open so that the lips don’t touch each other.

Even when questioned by elders little ones would struggle to reply and make sure that lips don’t touch each other but somehow end up in licking away few in the process of drinking water, some is smeared over teeth. Throughout the marriage they would have managed to keep their lips partly open and those photos are still dreadful, even to imagine.

So, how Vasundhara Das did lip sync for the song is still a million dollar question! Can argue that many heroines can’t match ‘Ramarajan’ in this aspect. But that is an upgraded version because it is ‘Muthaiyan Kanakku’. ‘Kooti kazhichu paathalum’ can’t match his level even ‘Koditta idangalai nirappuga‘ movie poster has to accept it’s defeat.