Happy Birthday Madras!

The streets of Chennai It has been almost 4 years with this city. During school days many would have visited this place for short stints mostly for annual vacations year after year. Theme parks always give the feel ‘Once more polama’ in childhood days. For few, this place is ‘Porandham’ call it ‘Porandha veedu’. For... Continue Reading →


The Standard Conditions of Temperature and Pressure

There are few situations that are repeatedly observed these days. All related to people management and how people perceive things as per their own wish and understand the so called ‘rule book’ with their view and try to apply it to all for all conditions. The first one, to put in a better way, to... Continue Reading →

A Tale of Queries

Once upon a time there lived Neha Mami. Nay. Lived, lives, living. Why the name Neha Mami? Thenmozhi, Kanimozhi lam vaaika varappula irukanum nu illa, same to Neha. Thenmozhi, Kanimozhi or Neha all likely to become old sometime in life. Purinjavanga Pistha. So what Neha Mami does? She has a gun loaded with tracer bullets... Continue Reading →

Harassment and being street smart

Seems one of my friends was offended on telling being street smart at the time of harassment. Questions like, ‘why guys are so?’, ‘Why not we fight against it?’, ‘Why only girls have to face this?’, ‘Why can’t superman come and save us?’, ‘Why not girls manhandle guys during such moments and expose the real... Continue Reading →

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